About company
As a young and technological company, we love exploring new tools and frameworks and tackling complex projects.
Our target audience
In order to increase conversion rates, we can develop complex recommender systems based on the unique experiences of consumers by building mathematical models of supply and demand according to the required parameters.
An in-depth analysis of game scenarios, problem solving with a wide variety of characters, and adjusting game resources and currency balances.
The team members' expertise and experience allow us to handle complex data models. Our team can develop loyalty and monitoring systems, integrate microservices, and integrate external systems.

We set up and optimize business processes for enterprises of any size using machine learning. Our predictions allow us to use enterprise resources more efficiently by taking into account a wide range of limiting factors.

Expertise in integrating and supporting complex multi-level systems, integrating and supporting the technology component with the telecom business. Providing consulting services.
Logistics and transport
Improving the efficiency of supply chains by optimizing complex routes and carrier loads with artificial intelligence.
A Full-cycle Approach to Product Development
Analyzing the market and audience needs
Figuring out the most efficient way to solve the audience problems
Prototyping and researching hypotheses
Developing a solution based on the information we receive
Gathering user feedback
Keep repeating until effective results are achieved