In our daily work, we keep a close eye on new technologies and tools which appear in the world, and we use them to suit our particular tasks.
A good example of this is H2O, which we recently learned about. The code of this framework for machine learning is open source, so you can modify and improve it. Often, it is used for the study of user behavior or for the development of health products. We are interested in how people are structured - many of our projects are based on it. Our team hasn't implemented it yet, but if you have experience, please write to us.

• Spring Boot
• Jooq и/или Hebirnate
• Gradle
• docker
• docker-compose
• Gitlab/GitHub CI
• Prometheus/Grafana/ELK
• RabbitMQ
• Kubernetes
Machine Learning

• Pytorch
• Tensorflow
• SMPL, SMPL-X модели
• Blender и 3D
• Docker

• Blender
• Docker
• Figma
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
We are pleased to see both our skills and abilities expanding, as well as their quality improving. When new people contribute their own ideas, we're always happy.