Galileo Labs
Developing IT products for foreign markets
Let us help you turn your idea into a reality
By researching the market and user needs, we design requirements and a convenient and understandable interface. On the basis of the received data, we build a complete product that includes client and server components as well as neural network algorithms. Utilizing modern technologies ensures high performance and uninterrupted operation by optimizing the architecture.
Key Expertise
Machine learning
Training neural networks, data analysis, and workflow development
3D graphics
Designing scenes, lighting, rendering textures, and optimizing the rendering process
UX design
Analyzing the needs of the audience, creating user interfaces for complex systems
Server architecture
Optimizing the operating time of graphics and neural networks through the development of information architectures
Technology Stack
• Spring Boot
• Jooq и/или Hebirnate
• Gradle
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Machine learning
• Pytorch
• Tensorflow
• SMPL, SMPL-X модели
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Design and research
• Blender и 3D
• Figma
• Adobe Illustrator
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Our Leaders
  • Alexey Goryunov
    Team leader and idea generator
  • Arseny Uglov
    The brains of the team
  • Evgenia Surova
    The empath we love
We Now Have 18 Members on Our Team
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